Friday, August 12, 2005

Update: MinGW and expat

OK, I was going over the bugs for expat that had "mingw" in them, and it hit me that I should only do static or shared libraries, not both. Amazingly enough, doing ./configure --enable-static=no gave me an expat dll. Now to see if it works with anything.

Edit: Note to self - completely delete and re-untarball the source before trying stuff like this. I happened to make changes to the source and when I tried to compile it clean, I got a ld.exe: warning: cannot find entry symbol _DllMainCRTStartup@12; defaulting to 00401000 libmingw32.a(main.o)(.text+0x106):main.c: undefined reference to `WinMain@16' when trying to link the DLL. Bleh.

Edit 2: Gave up, followed the instructions in this expat bug to get MinGW libs out of the given DLLs.

[Edit 3: HTML entity fixes in links]

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