Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Re: GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS?

  • A local Web server to handle the data delivery and content display from the local machine to the browser. This local server will likely be highly optimized for its task, but would be capable of running locally installed Web applications (e.g. a local copy of Gmail and all its associated data).


  • In my mind, this leads to one of three possibilities:
    1. Locally hackable code (remember Perl-based BB hacking to add functionality, before all this plugin architecture stuff?), because it's (probably) written in [PHP|Perl|Python|JSP|ASPX-formatted] code, with only a license/EULA to protect it
    2. Encrypters, i.e., obfuscators, for those languages (to protect IP)
    3. A return to CGI coding in C (for the same reason as the last one)
  • ISPs may have to up the upload rate limit because of the increased sending of data from the home computer to remote servers.
  • Again, one of two possibilities:
    1. all-SSL transfers in order to protect the wire protocol
    2. usage of a standardized wire protocol (e.g., SOAP) and encrypted data

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