Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AWN bzr branch, bazaar overlay

Two announcements tonight: the creation of a bazaar branch for Avant Window Navigator (Awn), and the creation of a bazaar-related gentoo overlay.

First, I really like what njpatel has done with Awn. I've always wanted a bar that looked and functioned like the OSX bar, but the closest I could find was the gDesklets starterbar, and it didn't handle currently running programs. Awn is just plain awesome. Unfortunately, I don't use Gnome on my desktop at home, I use Xfce. So I svn co'd the source and created a patch that uses libxfce4util and thunar-vfs instead of gnome-desktop and gnome-vfs. I submitted that patch to the tracker, where, as of the time of this writing, I haven't gotten a response. We'll see. Next up on my list of modifications, is to use Glib's GKeyFile (read: ini-like file parser) as an alternative to GConf. Because bzr-svn finally doesn't die when I try to checkout a remote repository (as of bzr-svn 0.3.2 and bzr 0.15rc2), I now have a bzr-svn branch that contains all of my changes to Awn.

Speaking of bzr-svn, at the request of the developer of bzr-svn, I have published my modified subversion ebuild that contains the patch listed in the parent post to that comment, in a bzr branch, of all things. This branch also contains the latest releases of paramiko, bzr (0.15rc2), bzrtools, bzr-gtk, and bzr-svn.

[Edit: forgot paramiko]

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