Thursday, August 04, 2005

MinGW and things that compile

So I finally remember to use this damned thing. Here are the packages that compile cleanly in MinGW/MSYS:

  • libpixman
  • glitz (although it doesn't seem to compile any backends into it or get configured into cairo)
  • cairo
  • atk
  • pango
  • glib-2
  • zlib
  • gettext (I think)
  • libiconv

Here are the packages that I can't, for the life of me, compile the way I want them to or work weirdly afterwards:

  • libpng (I needed to use the makefile.mingw from the mingwPORT, I think)
  • jpeg (it just doesn't want to create a DLL, and there isn't a way to change that because I can't find a so that I can change the libtool version)
  • freetype2 (had to find a webpage with instructions to make the DLL)
  • expat (copied the command from the freetype2 make
  • fontconfig (hates the freetype/expat dlls that I made)
  • gtk2 (every time it tries to compile a file, it errors out with "gcc.exe: Invalid argument")
  • libsvg (wants libgen.h, which MinGW doesn't have at the moment)

Compiling openssl was "fun". I made my own shell script to compile it because apparently they don't like it when you try to compile openssl in an MSYS environment, and I added a command that was referenced in a mailing list problem.

Notes on building poppler (0.3.3) with MinGW (stream of consciousness):

  • configure line: ./configure --disable-poppler-qt --disable-splash-output
  • fix up goo/ with a gettimeofday()
  • patch splash/Splash{{,FT}FontEngine,FontFile}.cc, poppler/ to #include <io.h>, or else it won't find int unlink(char*)
  • Never mind, forget trying to compile Splash. For some reason, it doesn't like one of the gcc headers: /include/objidl.h:58: error: expected unqualified-id before string constant /include/objidl.h:58: error: expected `,' or `;' before string constant
  • It seems that the previous error happens again in poppler/[something]. I have really no idea why it happens. Giving up on compiling.

I can't type anymore. Brain fried. As an aside, must find/make Atom Publishing Protocol client...

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