Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Donate to LGM! (and other conference-related items)

For the 1% of Open Source software enthusiasts who haven't yet seen this yet: Donate to support the development of free/libre/open source graphics software by helping developers meet in real time, in person, (etc.) at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008! I'm a big fan of Inkscape, because it lets me, as someone who is not very artistic (nor has very good (precise) hand-eye coordination) to create and manipulate logos and icons with ease. My graphics programming skills are essentially non-existent, so I figured that I could be more useful by donating some cash to help a developer of one of the participating projects travel to the meeting.

And here's the shiny (but not flash-shiny) information-rich button that they're using to show how much more money they need to reach their goal: Click here to lend your support to the Libre Graphics Meeting and make a donation at www.pledgie.com ! (I should note for the American-income-tax-minded that this is a tax-deductable donation.)

On a somewhat related note, I'm planning on going to LinuxFest Northwest 2008. Fortunately for me, both the conference and the transportation is free. People who have either followed me for at least a year or have read through the archives know that I went last year. I plan on going on Saturday again (this year, April 26), and I'm bringing my XO laptop with me. If things work out right (i.e., my stupid printer decides to work), I'll have a nice, big Awn icon (again, thank you Inkscape!) taped to my bag. It'll be an interesting experiment to see who recognizes it.