Saturday, August 06, 2005

Re: What is Pythonic?

What the heck does "pythonic" mean? - What is Pythonic?

Apparently, I don't code pythonic-ally, per se. For the past several years, I've been coding more-or-less towards the PEAR coding standard, sans the "one true brace" style with function/method definitions, as I think it's just silly and I learned the other, supposedly eviler way. I've become kinda pythonic as I've migrated to python as my "it" programming language: I've learned to iterate through lists the python way (although python iterators per se still confuse me), I'm beginning to do the whole tuple (un)packing thing, and I follow packages are frequently namespace packages only, i.e. have empty files.

With the PEAR coding standard, I can port most of that knowledge to other programming languages. With being "pythonic", sadly, not many languages have these sometimes convenient little shortcuts and nuances built-in to the language so that several of these points are simply not possible (IMHO).

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