Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bloglines Freedback, 2006/09/28

Have I mentioned that freedback is a pretty stupid word?

Anyway...I find the new changes to Bloglines's service rather annoying. Sure, it looks spiffier, but when functionality that I rely on gets messed up, it's not a good thing™.

My mouse is currently in a state where it likes to double-click things even though I definitely single-click them. As a result, I tend to lose the "new" posts from a folder with only new posts in one feed. It used to be that I could just hit s and then click on "Display posts from last session", and I'd get the posts back. Now, this behavior doesn't work. I don't like it. If I actually had time, I would start hacking on Venus and make a service for myself...but alas, stupid classes that overwork me. (Oh yeah, and those other projects that take up my time...)

Edit: Oh, and "Keep as new" is broken. At least, it broke for me. I get this (0) (-1) in the title bar instead of (0) (1). The annoyance level is getting to that one tipping point...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Re: Do We Need New Software?

I've gotten the chance to talk to a lot of people about these issues, and with the exception of those who are very close to the current software, opinion is almost unanimous: the Wikipedia software needs to be rewritten from scratch in Python. (Yes, everyone really did say Python.) Rewrites of large software projects aren't taken lightly, but from everything I've seen this is one of the rare cases that it's actually necessary.

This made me laugh. It makes me wonder how this will play in non-Python communities. Somehow, I doubt this will happen. I took a quick look at the SVN repository, and it all looks very muddled to me. I had to guess as to where the main source code was, based on the version timestamps.

With regards to the series from which this article comes, I find them very thought-provoking, It will be interesting to see if Mr. Swartz ends up on the board. I'd vote, but I'm just a typo finder (i.e., I don't have 400 edits).