Friday, December 30, 2005

(x)MinGW progress

Current xmingw ebuilds completed:

  • sys-devel/automake-wrapper-xmingw-1
  • sys-devel/gnuconfig-xmingw-20051113
  • sys-devel/automake-xmingw-1.8.5-r3
  • sys-devel/automake-xmingw-1.6.3
  • sys-devel/automake-xmingw-1.5
  • sys-devel/automake-xmingw-1.4_p6
  • sys-devel/automake-xmingw-1.7.9-r1
  • sys-devel/automake-xmingw-1.9.6-r1
  • sys-devel/libtool-xmingw-1.5.22
  • sys-devel/autoconf-wrapper-xmingw-3.2
  • sys-devel/autoconf-xmingw-2.13
  • sys-devel/autoconf-xmingw-2.59
  • dev-libs/expat-xmingw-1.95.8
  • dev-libs/glib-xmingw-2.8.4
  • dev-libs/libiconv-xmingw-1.10
  • sys-devel/gettext-xmingw-0.15_pre0 (this took the longest time)

Ebuilds in progress:

  • sys-libs/zlib-xmingw-1.2.3
  • dev-util/pkgconfig-xmingw-0.20

Email me or comment on this post if you wish to have me make up some sort of way to have these ebuilds available publicly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would indeed appreciate those ebuilds very much, having tried the same without much success...
Maybe you can put up some tarball of them somewhere or email them?