Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Powerpoint/Openoffice + Presentations

So in one of my classes, I have to do a group presentation. We decided to go for the minimalistic approach, which led to having many more slides in our presentation than normal presentations: 188 slides, which translates to 33.6 megabytes. It seems that both Powerpoint and OO.o Impress have problems with such large presentations. Powerpoint couldn't copy/paste slides correctly between two large presentations, and Impress (2.0) just crashed trying to save in Powerpoint format, every single time I tried. I hate presentation software. It's too bad that it seems that S5 doesn't seem to scale.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your experience, when we read about an positive aspects of PowerPoint presentation we don't search for its disadvantages, and that is why we don't know what problem could wait for us.

Margaret C. Mack said...

Well, Powerpoint is really good thing to explain something to the audience in visual form. I'm using it at work and often with different templates, like this for example