Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Re: Why Use GTK+? (and some possible solutions to some problems)

I will post about my development-related progress in a bit, but for right now, I'd like to focus my attention on the flamewar-generating article via Slashdot.

I don't really know why they even bother posting those kinds of articles; they only serve to feed trolls. I don't really know why I even bother to read the comments on those articles, but whatever.

Generally, I am uncomfortable with software that has "evaluation" versions. I am quite aware that there are non-commercial versions, but given my college student mentality, I don't really like crippled things that I have to pay for (or pirate, but I wouldn't do that - just pointing out the current college student mentality) to get a "full" version.

I don't really understand the people who say that GTK+-based programs don't integrate well with Windows; if anyone can help clarify that particular position, that would be wonderful.

Personally, when I do GUI programming, I use PyGTK and Glade. The only thing that annoys me from a programming perspective is how gtk.TreeViews are so hard to work with in list mode.

The main thing that bothers me about GTK+ for Windows is the number of runtimes available. It would be very nice if all of the installers for the GTK+ programs built for Windows could detect whether any sort of runtime was available, and if not, offer to download and install all the components needed. For example, MalDC needs the GTK+ and libglade DLLs. AFAIK, only the GTK+ runtime from the Glade for Windows project at SourceForge. If the installer can't detect their runtime, and can't find the libglade DLL in the %PATH%, it should download it to a common (read: standard) place where all of the GTK+-related DLLs should be. Maybe if I ever bother to learn NSIS syntax, I'll write a macro for that.

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