Friday, February 15, 2008

Awn News & Commentary (ANC), 2008/02/15

I'm taking a break from both trying to make a <tbody/> scroll vertically without a horizontal scrollbar present and playing "Link's Crossbow Training" to write up what's transpired in the past several days in Awn-land.

The Awn Curves branch was partially merged into awn-core-testing. I say "partially merged" because meek is merging it in parts, due to the complexity.

The big event was when Neil finished reviewing the awn-core-testing and awn-extras-testing branches and merged them into their respective trunks. Among the benefits is that users of reacocard's Ubuntu Gutsy repository can now use the shiny new features that those of us on the (very) bleeding edge have been using for a while now.

I should also point out that Neil has added both moonbeam and myself to awn-core, in recognition of our work on both the testing branches and our respective personal branches. This means we have commit access to Awn's trunk branch and more bug/blueprint triaging privileges.

As a result of the big merge, we now have a new roadmap. What used to be Neil's big rewrite for 0.3 (code-named fandabbydosy) has been spread out over several releases. See the roadmap link for details. One important item to mention is that we plan to release version 0.2.4 of both Awn and Awn Extras on Monday (02/18).

In Awn Extras, most of the changes have been bugfixes. A patch was added to the media-control applet for Quod Libet support.

Finally, I'm holding a contest for Awn users/enthusiasts. In the near future, I'd like to have a post with screenshots and videos showing off all of the new features and applets in Awn/Awn Extras. Unfortunately, I suck at doing that sort of thing myself. :) So, I'm giving the Awn community the chance to show off their customized docks.

The only restriction on the screenshots and videos is that you license them under a Creative Commons license. I will, of course, attribute all media to their proper creators :) Ideally, the screenshots should be as hi-res as possible, but any resolution is welcome. The same goes for videos.

The deadline is Feb. 21, because I'd like to write the post by the end of next week. I'll choose a set of media that looks the nicest (with the help of the people in #awn) and use that as the basis of my next Awn post.

So if you wish to participate, please post the URL to the media, the attribution information you wish to use (your name or nick), and which feature/applet you're highlighting on the forum thread or as a comment here.


Anonymous said...

I use Reacocard's repository in Gutsy but there hasn't been an update yet to the repository since the 0.2.4 release, and if I click on "About" in the Preferences dialog, it reports that I'm still at version 0.2.1 (plus, none of the new features you talked about are available.) Any clue as to why the repository hasn't been updated yet?

PS: Thanks for you hard work on AWN. :-)

Mark said...

Reacocard's repository moved.

Anonymous said...

Ah, thank you mark!! That makes all the difference!