Saturday, April 14, 2007

trac-atompp progress; APE questions

I'm working on (among other things) finishing up wiki support in my trac-atompp plugin. I'm nearly done, I think. In order to make sure it's "valid", I'm using Tim Bray's APE (albeit from CVS). However, I've got a few questions about some of the errors:

  1. ! 53 of 53 entries in Page 1 of Entry collection lack app:date elements.

From the source, it looks like it should actually say app:edited. But, why is it giving an error? According to draft 14, section 10.2, Atom Entry elements in Collection documents SHOULD contain one "app:edited" element, and MUST NOT contain more than one. Perhaps the messages should conform to RFC 2119 instead of lumping in all of the SHOULDs with the MUSTs, or something.

  1. ? Can't update new entry with PUT: No Content [Dialog]
  2. ! Couldn't delete the entry that was posted: No Content [Dialog]

I don't really understand why HTTP status code 204 (No Content) isn't allowed for either PUT or DELETE, seeing as RFC 2616 says that it is a perfectly valid response for both actions.

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Tim said...

Yep. You're right on all 3. Updating the Ape. 204 no content feels a little weird but I can't see any reason to object. -Tim1