Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Re: Genshi Filters for Venus; Genshi + Trac-AtomPP

This news is excellent. One of my side projects (although, it was pretty low on my list) was to figure out how to use Genshi templates in Venus. I started out by copying the Django template code/unit tests and adapted them for Genshi. However, I got stuck getting some of the unit tests to pass (_item_title and _config_context). Perhaps sometime this weekend I can see how this particular implementation works.

Speaking of Genshi, I just noticed that they had released version 0.4. Hopefully, this will help me resolve the last APE error in my Trac-AtomPP plugin — adding app:edited elements to relevant entries and sorting by that property.

While I'm thinking about it (this really seems to be turning into a stream of consciousness post), I'm not exactly sure how to page the collection efficiently, considering that Trac creates the wiki page list via a generator. Right now I'm just putting everything into one feed, but obviously that doesn't scale very well.

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