Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AWN bzr branch, bazaar overlay

Two announcements tonight: the creation of a bazaar branch for Avant Window Navigator (Awn), and the creation of a bazaar-related gentoo overlay.

First, I really like what njpatel has done with Awn. I've always wanted a bar that looked and functioned like the OSX bar, but the closest I could find was the gDesklets starterbar, and it didn't handle currently running programs. Awn is just plain awesome. Unfortunately, I don't use Gnome on my desktop at home, I use Xfce. So I svn co'd the source and created a patch that uses libxfce4util and thunar-vfs instead of gnome-desktop and gnome-vfs. I submitted that patch to the tracker, where, as of the time of this writing, I haven't gotten a response. We'll see. Next up on my list of modifications, is to use Glib's GKeyFile (read: ini-like file parser) as an alternative to GConf. Because bzr-svn finally doesn't die when I try to checkout a remote repository (as of bzr-svn 0.3.2 and bzr 0.15rc2), I now have a bzr-svn branch that contains all of my changes to Awn.

Speaking of bzr-svn, at the request of the developer of bzr-svn, I have published my modified subversion ebuild that contains the patch listed in the parent post to that comment, in a bzr branch, of all things. This branch also contains the latest releases of paramiko, bzr (0.15rc2), bzrtools, bzr-gtk, and bzr-svn.

[Edit: forgot paramiko]

[Edit: forgot to finish a thought]

[Edit (2007/05/16): Update here]


Unknown said...

FYI -- Your bzr ebuild fails when the emacs USE flag is in use, because files/70bzr-gentoo.el isn't provided.

Also, bzr-0.15_rc2 doesn't appear to be recognised as >=dev-util/bzr-0.15.0_rc1, such that the ebuild dependency isn't recognized as met. I had to tweak the dependency to >=dev-util/bzr-0.15_rc1 to get it to work properly.

Is there an email address I can mail a bundle incorporating these fixes to? (I may also put together a 1.4 subversion ebuild with the bzr-svn compatibility patch)

Mark said...

Oops. I don't use emacs, so thanks for that catch. A fix has been committed for that.

I also fixed the dependency on bzr-svn.

I prefer pulling from another branch, since I don't use a desktop-based mail client. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...


I've branched it and added Subversion 1.4.3 support to the overlay. You can merge it from

Maybe we should register a gentoo-ebuild project for bzr at or alike? In this case this overlay could easily be referenced on the main Bazaar download page. It would've saved me some work with manually installing it at first... :P

You can contact me using the email address in the branch (don't delete any part - it is exactly the complete address ;) ).


Unknown said...

One other request -- could we have an optional dependency on libcurl when the curl USE flag is in place?

Mark said...

Um, why? There's already an RDEPEND that states "curl? ( dev-python/pycurl )" which implies libcurl.

(For the record, if I haven't stated it before, I think it's ridiculous that you can't use <pre> or <code> tags in comments)

Mark said...

FYI: everyone should use the launchpad project to submit bugs/feature requests/bzr bundles instead.

Eddie M said...

Good blog post