Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bloglines Freedback, 2006/09/28

Have I mentioned that freedback is a pretty stupid word?

Anyway...I find the new changes to Bloglines's service rather annoying. Sure, it looks spiffier, but when functionality that I rely on gets messed up, it's not a good thing™.

My mouse is currently in a state where it likes to double-click things even though I definitely single-click them. As a result, I tend to lose the "new" posts from a folder with only new posts in one feed. It used to be that I could just hit s and then click on "Display posts from last session", and I'd get the posts back. Now, this behavior doesn't work. I don't like it. If I actually had time, I would start hacking on Venus and make a service for myself...but alas, stupid classes that overwork me. (Oh yeah, and those other projects that take up my time...)

Edit: Oh, and "Keep as new" is broken. At least, it broke for me. I get this (0) (-1) in the title bar instead of (0) (1). The annoyance level is getting to that one tipping point...

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