Monday, February 02, 2009

Old Projects: pytiger

I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to blog about some old projects. The first one is more than a year old, but it still may be useful to someone.

Back during college, I was implementing a file sharing client with Twisted - the GUI was first written using wxPython, and then rewritten in PyGTK (the reasons for the rewrite I can expound upon later, if anyone wants to know). It's not publicly released, mostly because it never got past being a chat client. Anyway, a part of the file sharing protocol involved tiger tree hashes to verify the data as it was downloaded. I couldn't find an implementation in Python (and attempts to write it myself failed), so I found some C source code and manually bound it to Python (via its C extension API). This was my first exposure to extending Python via C — I later used some of this knowledge to fix up the Python bindings for Awn.

The Python part is licensed under the Apache License v2, the tiger (tree) code is public domain-ish. (see COPYING for details)

The code can (as of the publication date) be found in a junk bzr branch on Launchpad. If you wish to continue work on it, I can move it to a full-fledged project — just contact me about it via the comments.

Edit (2009/03/24): Due to interest in the code, I've created a project for pytiger at Launchpad.


Anonymous said...

tiger yields broken results on x86-64 linux/mac - here's a fixed version of pytiger. tiger.hash('') now matches all verification strings, though tiger.treehash has not been checked.

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