Monday, June 19, 2006

Code-Related TODO

  • Write a post about xmingw updates
  • Put my Gentoo xmingw-related ebuilds into a Bazaar-NG branch
  • Make my Bazaar-NG repositories public (i.e., on a webhost and not my own machine)
  • Investigate putting Trac on said webhost
  • Port GNOME's fast-user-switch-applet to an Xfce applet
  • Resurrect my S5 presentation editor
  • Look into adding the Atom API to Trac
  • (Re-)learn C++ so that I can create a patch for (g)obby
  • Post this entry before my computer crashes from doing an emerge, updating my TV listings, and running Firefox + Deepest Sender at the same time

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