Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Design; Update: MinGW + poppler

If anyone actually reads this thing, they might notice that this weblog's web page has been drastically revamped. I XHTML-1.0-Transitional-ized the HTML with the help of the W3C HTML Validator (to the best of my ability; the Blogger code contains a <br> somewhere, which sucks), and gutted the CSS. Interestingly enough, the W3C CSS Validator chokes on valid vendor-specific CSS, e.g. -moz-border-radius. Also, I'm testing out a tagging Greasemonkey script for Blogger.

Anyway, I took another crack at compiling poppler (with my newfound knowledge of autotools), and it seems that the #defined constant DATADIR is used in a win32api header, which sucks big-time. Fortunately though, I managed to get it to compile fully. As luck would have it, when trying to execute any of the test programs, it crashes. So, I've decided to rebuild everything I've custom-made myself with the debug flag (-g), so it'll be easier to track down runtime errors with Dr. Mingw, which is a very nice debugging tool, much lighter than gdb.

Oh right, my patch didn't get into PyGTK 2.8.0. Oh well.

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